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Submission Query

Apotheosis Press accepts polished, original stories with unique voices and perspectives. Submit completed manuscripts that will leave a lasting impact on the reader. Together we will create an enduring legacy.

We believe our immortality is achieved through the works we leave behind. We are looking for bold and imaginative worlds that establish a captivating mythos. Your characters should leave the reader wishing to spend more time in their creative universe.

If your manuscript fits within these parameters, submit your query below.

Submissions policy

Apotheosis Press accepts direct query submissions from authors, as well as literary agents.

How to submit

Complete the query submission form below and send a query letter through email to with the following information:

  • Explain your interest in Apotheosis Press

  • List details about your career as an author

  • Describe how you will leave a lasting legacy, what immortality means to you, and how your mythos will be impactful

  • Compare your story with two recently (within the last five years) published titles with a similar style, subject matter, or readership

  • Provide a detailed synopsis

  • Attach the first three chapters of your manuscript (.pdf or .docx)

We do not accept paper submissions and cannot return any material posted to us. Multiple submissions will not be read. We are unable to read submissions that are not submitted correctly.

A note to authors

Author submissions are encouraged and extremely important to the success of a small, independent publishing house like ours. However, with the sheer volume of queries received each day, it may take up to six months to receive a response from us.


Please do not be discouraged, but only contact us during this waiting period, if you have received an offer from another publisher or you have signed with a literary agent or manager. 

We wish we could respond to each and every query, but we have a small staff and a large number of queries to respond to. Please understand that we cannot offer feedback on manuscripts that were unsuccessful. If you do not receive a response from us within six months, you can assume your submission query was not accepted. 

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