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99c on KINDLE from Election Day until Guy Fawkes Day

In honor of being chosen Dystopia Books Book of the Month, my book is only 99c on Kindle from US Election Day through Guy Fawkes Day.

2HVØRHVNØT: To Have or Have Not is a fast-paced, genre-bending thriller set in a dystopian future where the superpowered Haves oppress the powerless Have Nots.

Seven years ago, the clairvoyant, telepathic monks took Mario’s parents, leaving him to raise his kid sister, Zelda. Now, they think he’s murdered one of their own. He must race against time to prove his innocence and survive the onslaught of the real killer.

Fearing for her brother’s life, Zelda ventures into the city and discovers a dark secret that leads her on a path toward ultimate doom.

- Jared K Chapman

Get it now on Amazon USA or Amazon UK!

Also, check out the recent 5-Star Review on Red Headed Book Lover Blog.

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